The conference is a forum of all fields of acoustics where the wave and quantum ideas are already used or could be used in the future. In particular, it concerns the following issues:

  • quantum acoustics
  • molecular acoustics
  • acoustooptics
  • photoacoustics
  • solid state acoustics

and similar problems (in brief: widely comprehended as physical acoustics). During the conference theoretical, experimental and technical (applied) works are presented. The works still in progress, not fully finished, are often reported.

As usual, the conference lectures are presented within the framework of the following groups:

  • molecular acoustics
  • acoustooptics
  • magnetoacoustics
  • acoustoelectronics
  • acoustics emission
  • acoustics fields
  • surface acoustics waves
  • ultrasound materials
  • sensors
  • photoacoustics
  • and the like.

As new lectures concerning other issue are delivered, other thematic groups may be formed.

Traditionally, the languages of the conference are Polish and English.

All audiovisual presentations should be prepared in English only.